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6 March 2018

How to be green at Deakin

We’re proud of our commitment to your health at Deakin. When you prioritise your health and look after yourself, you set yourself up for success, both academically and personally. Sustainability is a priority for us: here are some initiatives you can be a part of to support your wellbeing, the community and the environment. 

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited on all of Deakin’s campuses. This is an initiative to improve the health of our students and staff, reduce smoking rates and provide cleaner air to everyone who enjoys our campuses. The ban includes electronic cigarettes and all tobacco products. Visit the no smoking section of our website for more information about this initiative and how you can get help to quit.

Deakin KeepCups

We have a sustainability pledge that means we’re committed to making changes that will help our health and the environment in the future. You can contribute by taking the sustainability pledge and doing things like buying a Deakin KeepCup from one of our cafes for your takeaway coffee to fight the #WarOnWaste. When you use any reusable cup at campus cafes, you’ll score a 20 cent discount on your purchase.

The Community Garden

Our Burwood Campus is home to a community garden and hosts planting days, food swaps and information sessions about growing and harvesting your own food. Visit the community garden, sign up to their website to stay up to date or follow them on Facebook. They are also currently looking for an Urban Farmer to help maintain and coordinate the community garden. If this sounds like you, apply now!


If you study at Burwood, check out FooMoo, a pop-up café that brings to life the five guiding principles of our new Food Charter: healthy, informed, balanced, easy and sustainable. It’s just a taste of the future of campus food and drink at Deakin.

Sport and fitness

The start of a new year is a great time to get involved in sport and fitness at Deakin. Join a social sport team or club with DUSA, take advantage of our campus facilities and check out DeakinACTIVE, our brand new campus gym facilities. 

Our campus grounds

Our four campuses take up over 450 hectares of land and are home to a huge range of flora and fauna. So, we take biodiversity seriously and aim to protect and enhance the natural ecosystems we share. So, we encourage you to consider alternative transport options to travel to and from uni, remember to reduce, reuse and recycle, and get involved in initiatives such as tree planting days.

You can read more about Deakin’s commitment to sustainability here.

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