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Your Success Coach is your personal Cloud mentor

February 12, 2018

By Cloud Campus

Cloud students are supported through our award-winning library services, interactive study methods and student support services.

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Getting prepared, organised and familiar with studying in the Cloud Campus might seem a little daunting, so we’ve created a unique mentoring program for you

Every commencing undergraduate Cloud student is assigned a Success Coach: your own personal mentor to make sure you get the most out of your time at Deakin. They’ll be a current student from your faculty who will introduce you to study in the Cloud.

You’ll be contacted by your Success Coach by email in the lead-up to Trimester 1: keep an eye on your Deakin inbox over the next couple of weeks. Your Success Coach will keep in touch with you regularly via email throughout your first trimester.

You can ask your Success Coach anything, from how to access a particular Deakin support service in the Cloud, to how to use our digital tools and resources. They’ll offer you tips and tricks for online study, staying motivated and communicating with Deakin online.

Tips from two Success Coaches

To give you a taste of the Success Coaches and their wisdom, we asked two of our coaches, Caitlin and Simon, why this program has been received so well by Cloud students.

‘The most common topic I’m asked about is how to maintain a healthy work/life balance while also meeting the various unit deadlines,’ says Caitlin. ‘Assignment deadlines can be stressful and often students voice their concerns, leading to a conversation about study techniques. Being at uni is as much about learning to be a student as it is about learning unit content, and that’s how Success Coaches can help, by offering targeted information when students need it.’

‘I think the most helpful aspect of the Success Coach program is that students have the knowledge that the Success Coach is a real person,’ says Simon. ‘The Cloud students I email know they can email me with any Deakin-related question and I will be able to either answer it or direct them towards the people that can. Not only that, but they can also email me just to say hello and let me know how they’re going.’

We want you to have the confidence and tools to succeed, and we’re all about students helping students, so get ready to connect with your Success Coach.

Remember to look in your Deakin inbox for an email from your coach and if you need more information (or if you haven’t heard from them by Week 1) please email

Cloud Student Welcome Weekend

If you live in Melbourne or Geelong, come along to our Cloud Student Welcome Weekend at Burwood Campus (Saturday 3 March) and Geelong Waterfront Campus (Sunday 4 March) and meet some of our Success Coaches. It’s a great opportunity for you to meet students and staff, learn about our support services and facilities, tour areas of campus relevant to Cloud students and visit the IT Support station to get help setting up your devices for study. Register for the event now on Eventbrite.

If you live further away, don’t worry. We offer a great program of online orientation events and resources that cover all of these areas. Check out your Orientation Itinerary now.

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