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29 September 2017

5 reasons why the Library is the place to be in study week

For most Deakin students, next week is study week: it’s a chance to knuckle down, go over your notes, clear up any areas of confusion, and prepare for exams.

We know that this can be a stressful time, so if you’re struggling to make study week work for you, head to the Library at your campus and get set up for success. If you’re a Cloud Campus student living close to a campus, please remember that you are very welcome to use our library facilities – and if you’re too far away, take advantage of the quiet and services your local library offers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should head to the Library to study:

1. Extended hours

Fitting study in around work and other life commitments is a juggle. So, we’ve got extended opening hours at all four campus libraries. Find out when your campus library is open and head on down!

2. Quiet study spaces

Shhhh! Yes, that’s right, the Library is still the place to head to if you want to find quiet study spaces. There’s something about sharing an area with other individuals silently dedicating themselves to going over lecture notes and textbooks that inspires one to do the same. You’ll find quiet study spaces in various places at each campus library: just ask at the desk for directions if you’re not sure where they are.

3. Group study spaces

While some people like to study solo, for others studying with friends is what works best. If that’s you, then why not make use of the group study rooms available at each campus library? These are rooms with tables, chairs, screens, whiteboards, and other equipment to help make your group study session a productive one! Get the team together and book a group study room at your closest campus library.

4. Wi-Fi, printing and scanning

All campus libraries are wireless-enabled, meaning you can bring your own devices and connect via Wi-Fi. This keeps you rolling in your own desktop environment, using your preferred device, in a location that’s most comfortable for you (did we mention the variety of couches, desks, seats, booths, etc. at your campus library?). While we’re talking IT infrastructure, the Library is the place where you’ll find multifunction printers capable of scanning, copying and, of course, printing – very useful if the highlighter is your weapon of choice for studying!

5. Helpful Library staff

It’s a bit of a fallacy that people who work in libraries do so because they love books. The truth is, library staff love connecting people to information. Without those connections, what’s the point of a library? So feel free to ask for help at the desk, speak to the Library via online chat, send an email or get in touch with the Library when you’re stuck and need help. And Cloud Campus students shouldn’t feel left out either: the Library is ready to support you as well.


Now that you’ve got a plan for where to study, all you have to do is wear your comfy clothes, timetable the study breaks, plan the snacks, and hit the books! Good luck!

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