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Published 4 September 2017

Make self-care a priority this Women’s Health Week

By Deakin Medical Centres

Providing accessible and confidential medical services for all current students and staff.

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There’s nothing more important than your health, but it’s easy to take it for granted. Most women say that ‘lack of time’ and ‘other priorities’ are the biggest barriers to not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but even small changes can have a huge impact on your mood, your energy levels and your overall health. This Women’s Health Week (Monday 4 September ­­– Friday 5 September) check in with yourself and prioritise your health in one or more of the following areas.

 Mental health

Stress is one of the most debilitating factors for your wellbeing. Take some time out: try meditating or practising some mindfulness exercises, switch off your devices, get a full eight hours of sleep, and spend time doing things you enjoy, like hobbies, or spending time with friends and family. If you need support, the Deakin Counselling and Personal Support service has trained psychologists and social workers that you can visit for free. The Health and Wellbeing team at Deakin also has lots of advice about keeping your mental health in check.

Physical health

Get up, get out, get moving. It can feel impossible to squeeze in time for exercise, but as much as 30 minutes a day can have significant benefits. It’s as simple as going for a walk, dusting off that gym membership and trying a new fitness class, taking the dog to the park or going for a swim at the local pool. Put it in your diary and get some friends on board to make it more enjoyable. Your first stop could be a gym on campus.

Sexual health

Don’t ignore your sexual health. It’s an important part of your overall health and it’s one of the main reasons students visit the Medical Centre on campus. Book a free appointment for a sexual health check-up: you can ask questions about your sexual health, get an STI check or pregnancy test, and discuss contraception options. It’s completely confidential and will provide you with peace of mind. For more information and activities about sexual health, you can also get involved in a SHAG Week event.

Nutritional health

What you eat is important. Giving your body the nutrients and fuel it needs will improve your energy levels, your appearance and your ability to perform at uni. Cook a healthy meal that you haven’t tried before, snack thoughtfully on fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and try cutting something out of your diet for a week, such as meat, sugar or alcohol. Consider our free Health and Wellness coaching service if you need direction with your nutritional health.

Get a check up

There are areas of particular health concern for women, such as heart health, bone density and iron levels. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the tests you require and give you an update on your health levels more generally. Book a free appointment at a Deakin Medical Centre now.

Women’s Health Week will be providing daily tips for improving your health, as well as podcasts, videos and recipes, so sign up to their website now.


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