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3 August 2017

10 tips for finding the perfect study buddy


Finding the right study buddy can infinitely improve your chances of succeeding as a Cloud Campus student. It can also make learning easier and more fun – after all, two (or more) heads are better than one.

Here’s 10 tips from fellow Cloud Campus students on how to find the right study buddy and how work together successfully in an online community.

  1. Find the right person

This is the first and most important tip according to fellow Cloud Campus students. When you start the process of finding someone, discuss what works best for both of you first. It’s important to find someone who has a similar work ethic and study approach and the same preferred study times as you.

  1. Work out how you’ll connect and communicate

Unless you can find a study buddy who lives nearby, you’ll need to rely on one or more online platforms or apps to communicate. Deakin offers excellent (and free) online collaborative and communication tools that enable you to video conference, co-author work, share files and collaborate on assignments. Decide which channels of communication and tools that work for you both – you may need to use more than one tool depending on what assignment or project you’re working on.

  1. Create a study schedule

It’s important to set aside regular times to interact with your study buddy in real time. Discuss and agree on set times, create a study schedule and save it to a shared file space (such as OneDrive or Google docs) so you can both access and edit it. Make sure to schedule in extra study sessions leading up to any deadlines for assignments or exams.

  1. Communicate

Communication is key! Talk through the study topic or assignment together, share your opinions and impressions, and most importantly, listen to each other’s perspectives. There’s no point meeting up and reading in silence together.

  1. Share the workload

Allocate tasks based on each of your strengths. Make sure you’re both clear about what and how each of you is going to contribute.

  1. Share resources and references

Support each other by sharing useful resources when you come across them. This will help you keep the conversation going and may give both of you inspiration when you need it most.

  1. Be prepared

Make sure you both complete any tasks you agreed to do in the previous study session. Note any questions or topics you want to discuss the next time you plan to meet up.

  1. Share study notes

Making and sharing your study notes is a great way to revise your learning. Be sure to create clear and well formatted notes so that your study buddy can read and understand them.

  1. Teach each other

Explaining a concept or topic to your study buddy, using your own words is a really effective way to build your understanding and consolidate your learning. Take it in turns to ‘teach’ each other a concept or topic and try to avoid reading from your notes.

  1. Test each other

Set each other regular mini tests or quizzes. This is another effective way of consolidating each other’s learning. These ideas are also useful for group assignments and tasks, too.

Need help finding a study buddy?

We know that those who learn together in small groups tend to have a better success rate than those who study alone. As one of our students said: ‘….study together and learn together…makes it that much easier’.

Get yourself a study buddy today to enjoy some of that added brain power and study success!

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