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10 November 2016

An experience of a lifetime – Fairtrade India 2016

Our 2016 Fairtrade India Experience student bloggers Samantha Michelson and Oscar Bitton, are ready to head off on an adventure of a lifetime.

During their travels in India, they will have the unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge of equality and social values, work and stay with artisans and producers of Fairtrade products, and learn and experience how Fairtrade positively affects the wealth and economy of a number of communities.

Oscar and Samantha will also observe school programs in Delhi, and experience first-hand, how projects like Conserve and Asha are changing the face of poverty. They will visit a Fairtrade tea plantation, learn about fair wage programs and witness educational programs for the children of these communities.

To conclude their trip, they will travel to the north of India, to meet a fashion designer who works with Fairtrade cotton, trek through the unique landscape of this region and experience a home stay with a local family.

Meet Oscar and Samantha

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