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Exploring memory and plasticity through drawings

July 18, 2016

By Faculty Of Arts And Education

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Visual Art student Darren O’Hehir has composed this animation as part of his final assignment. He explores the fluidity of memory through his drawings. He has also composed the music accompanying the animation. Here he speaks about his eclectic project.

This is an animation I made for my final art assignment at University. The theme is centred around memory and its plasticity and how memories can be changed by the act of recalling them. Every time you remember something, that memory can become less accurate because of the last time it was remembered.

For my project I explored this aspect of memory and my idea was to undertake a process of drawing a drawing and then drawing the resulting drawings to present my interpretation of how memory can change.

The animation is made from ten drawings, each drawn using the previous iteration as the sole reference.

The name of the song is ‘Drawings of Drawings’ and I composed it specifically for this work.

By Darren O’Hehir

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