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Crepes for change

6 May 2016

Crêpes for Change are back at Deakin!

Crêpe fans hailing east at our Burwood Campus, great news… Crêpes for Change will be spinning crêpes on May 12 and 16 from 12-3 pm along Mutant Way.

Crêpes for Change have again partnered with Deakin Social Enterprise Collective (SeCo) to be at our Burwood Campus, spinning some fresh and delicious crêpes for a great cause. It’s the perfect way to get your fingers warm and tummy happy, so drop by our trailer and get your hands on a crêpe!

There a delicious variety of flavours and toppings, including:

Crepes for change 2 Crepes for change 1 Crepes for change Deakin

Crêpes for Change is a non-profit social enterprise, giving back 100% of our profits to achieve our mission of eliminating youth homelessness.

Save the date! 
12 May (Thursday)
16 May (Monday)

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