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cardio tennis

3 May 2016

Get Into Cardio Tennis

Get into Cardio Tennis is a fun, new way  to get moving! It’s tennis, but not as you know it!  There are no courts.  There are no nets! There are racquets and balls. And we are in the park. Yes, the park!

Get into Cardio Tennis is a game-based group session. Each 30 minute session is made up of a warm up, series of game-based activities and a cool down.

The free sessions will be held on the Waurn Ponds Campus at the Elite Sports Precinct.

Bookings are essential.  Book a session today.

Cardio tennis cardio tennis cardio teniis

You’ll find that the session flies by very quickly as we keep you busy and moving. The activities are low-impact and you can wear a pedometer that will count your steps. On average, people take between 2,000 and 3,000 steps in a 30-minute session. This is a really fun, social, new way to get that all-important physical activity into your day.

Cardio Tennis uses modified racquets and balls. The racquets are 25″ (regular racquets are bigger) and lower compression balls are used which bounce better on the grass and help you to have better control than regular yellow tennis balls.  Making it great for everyone.  Make a booking today.



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