Explore our creative arts showcase


Explore our showcase of student work from drama.

#1 Drama student showcase
A showcase of Deakin’s drama student work featuring third year ensemble productions in which students form companies and craft their own original theatre performances. Includes a sneak peek into the 4th year experience where students continue into the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) Honours program for an additional year of intensive creative practice.

#2 Online trailer devising third year
Watch trailers from the 2020 Deakin drama third year students who investigated theatre making during the initial pandemic lockdown. Two performances were created by over forty students who collaborated to create Lost in Place and Us and Them which were livestreamed in May to over 300 audience members.

#3 Catalyst Festival
Meet Bachelor of Creative Arts Course Director Misha Myers and find out more about Deakin’s drama graduate student showcase, Catalyst Festival, and the Drama Recognition Awards.

#4 Student submission – Einstein on the beach
This short film work is an example final task submission for the first year creative studio unit. In this assignment, students work in groups to recreate, revise, reprise and riff on a well-known work of contemporary performance. This group chose to approach Robert Wilson’s and Philip Glass’s seminar work Einstein on the Beach (1976), widely regarded as a seminal work of postmodern music theatre. Student group members: Amaris Andrew, Tamara Barton, Benjamin Cole, Max Evans, Isabelle Liu Yu.



Explore our showcase of student work from dance.

#1 Dance student showcase
A showcase of student performances, dance video work and staff dance research activities at Deakin University. This includes snippets from 2nd year and 3rd year productions and (4th year) dance honours projects.

#2 Students working in the dance studios

#3 Charlotte Evans Honours project 2019 – Dance as Film

#4 Third year dance production – In the attempt to

#5 Second year dance student production




View student photography works from the graduate show in the Phoenix Gallery at Deakin.



Explore a sample of student work from PHOTOGRAPHY

Explore a sample of student work from VISUAL ARTS


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