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West Papua: Tragedy as farce

The Indonesian government’s attempt to initiate dialogue with West Papuan independence activists has declined into farce, following the shooting on 14 June of key West Papuan leader Mako Tabuni. Tabuni’s killing follows seven other recent shootings of West Papuans by Indonesian police and soldiers. Despite eye witnesses saying that Tabuni was unarmed and trying to […]

Random search powers: are they working?

A recent Office of Police Integrity report shows that ‘random stop and search’ powers cannot be shown to reduce crime or improve community safety. The Summary Offences and Control of Weapons Acts Amendment Act 2009 provides police with additional powers in public spaces, including: random search powers (including strip searches) in designated areas; directing people […]

Moving right along: what powers do police have to ‘move-on’ protestors?

  Occupy protestors have a right to protest; police powers to move them on from public spaces should be questioned. RynChristophe/Youtube   When police removed a young woman’s “tent dress” this week at the Occupy Melbourne encampment, it was yet another controversial interaction between protesters and authorities. As shown in the Occupy movement, the increasing […]