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National Curriculum – a long and painful death?

This post was published in ACEL’s weekly online newsletter (22/08/20110 The National Curriculum could be cited as one of the greatest political false starts of all time. Recently, as cited across a number of major media outlets (for example, Justine Ferrari, ‘Australian’, 9/8/11) and through the Minister for Education Peter Garrett’s own tweets (@PGarrettMP, 9/8/11, 4.03 […]

Edu-politics, incredibility and the current political edu-scape

I think I just made up a word – edu-politics – but maybe I didn’t . . . but it doesn’t seem to matter in the madness of the current election campaigns. …   So much of this campaign (Australia, 2010) has highlighted the significant role that education plays for a society, and clearly the […]

To go or not to go – Is Education valued in today's society?

Currently, there is significant debate over the recent announcement by Victoria’s Shadow Education Minister, Martin Dixon, that a Coalition Government would enforce truancy laws and fine the parents of students who are absent from school over extended periods of time, or who are regularly absent. The application of these fines would occur where an unidentified […]

The National Curriculum. For whose future? For what future?

  I am a futures educator. That means I am very interested in the ways that schools equip (or do not equip) students for unknown futures. We cannot assume that things will continue as they always have. As a futures educator, there are some basic themes which underpin all of the work I do with […]