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Can I save a draft version of my blog?

The Draft module provides the ability too create drafts of existing blog posts as well as new posts before you have saved them. There is the option to ‘save as a draft’ at the bottom of each blog you create or edit. Drafts can then be viewed, re-editted, deleted and published from the ‘My blog […]

Why should I add 'tags' to my blog post?

Think of tags as the colorful little page markers you might use to flick back to your favorite pages in a book. The tags don’t describe the book as a whole, instead they describe individual sections of the book. The tags you add to your post are used in the tag cloud. A tag cloud […]

Why is the formatting strange when paste in text?

If text is copied from Word or a HTML file it also copies over the ‘hidden’ formatting code. If text needs to be copied and pasted from these formats, it should be pasted into notepad first, then copied and pasted into the Drupal space.

Does this site allow HTML posts?

Does this site allow HTML posts, so that I can cut and paste from my other blogs, including the links and photos, etc.? When you  are creating a new blog or editing an existing one at the bottom of the text area is a link to ‘Switch to plain text editor’. This will allow HTML […]

How do I post a blog?

Click on the "My blog"  link that will appear in the main menu to the left of the window. Your blog page will then appear. Alternatively you can click "Create content" link and the "Blog" link to start creating. Click on Post new blog entry in the middle of the main window. Type the required […]