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Marriage equality lawful, constitutional: Deakin law academics

A group of academics from Deakin University’s School of Law today called on the Australian Senate to pass laws to allow marriage equality.

The academics’ call was included in their submission to an inquiry by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee on the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010. The Bill is one of three Bills currently before the Commonwealth Parliament which propose to amend the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) to permit two people to marry regardless of their sex.

The submission noted that the realisation of the rights to non-discrimination and equality are fundamental to a free and democratic society. Conversely, discrimination and inequality result in social exclusion, poor health outcomes, entrenched poverty and disadvantage, violence and other negative outcomes.

The ten authors support marriage equality, and reject those arguments that seek to deny equality and non-discrimination to same-sex couples. ‘We support the Bill’s commitment to eliminating discrimination and inequality on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity,’ said contributer James Farrell.  ‘We commend this Bill, and encourage the Committee to support its passage through the Commonwealth Parliament, to deliver fair, just and equal outcomes for same-sex couples and the broader Australian community.’

The submission can be downloaded here.



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