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Free money and help for uni students

The caps are coming off and university administrations are nervous. Just what a demand driven system means for university recruitment, no-one really knows for sure.  What I know for sure is that as well as ensuring recruitment targets are met, we need to be ready to ensure the success of the students we recruit, especially the ones who are from underprivileged backgrounds. 

I think we should give them all schoalrships, bursaries, stipends and all the other versions of free money available.  Lucky I don’t rule the university world or we’d be spending a bit of money (and maybe keeping more students to completion…ahem).

We also need to assist those who aren’t familiar with the discourses and norms of higher education to understand what is expected of them as university students and to learn to perform in ways that ensure their success.  Easy to type, hard to do.  But some research I led last year has some cool tips.

I had an article on this published in The Australian this week and if you have an account with them, you can find it here: 

I have a trial account. think you can still get a free trail account if you hurry.  After the trial, will I pay?  I don’t know.  New world we’re in here.

A colleague and I also had a longer version of the same article published in The Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management Volume 33(5)

If you can’t find either and want to, email me and I will send you a copy.



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