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Teaching Differently


Deakin University’s 2019 Learning and Teaching Conference brings together those who design, deliver, enable & lead Learning and Teaching in higher education. We look forward to seeing you all at the conference under the banner of Teaching Differently, celebrating and sharing the achievements and experiences of Deakin staff and students.

Call for submissions (CLOSED)

Keynote speaker

Dr Naomi Winstone

University of Surrey


Naomi is a cognitive psychologist specialising in learning behaviour and engagement with education, particularly the processing and implementation of feedback. She is director of the Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab, a multidisciplinary research centre that focuses on the intersection between psychology and education. Naomi is a Reader in Higher Education and Head of the Department of Higher Education at the University of Surrey. Naomi is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a UK National Teaching Fellow.


Date and location

This year the Conference will be held on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at Deakin Downtown. Please consider using public transport to attend.



For the full conference program PDF (551KB) please click here.

Time Activity
9.20 – 9.55 am Arrival/Networking, morning tea – Deakin Downtown, level 12
9.55 am Bell – move to Opening/Keynote – Wadawurrung 1 and 2
10.00 Welcome Professor Liz Johnson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education, Office of DVC (Education) Deakin University
  Acknowledgement of Country Jodie Satour, Institute of Koorie Education
10.05 – 10.15 am Opening Address Professor Iain Martin, Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University (via Video Conference)
10.15 – 10.25 am L&T Update & Keynote Introduction Professor Liz Johnson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education, Office of DVC (Education) Deakin University
10.25-11.10 am Keynote Address Naomi Winstone, Senior lecturer, University of Surrey. Naomi is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2016
11.10 am Bell – move to Session 1
11.15 am Session 1

Teaching Differently

Chair: Janine McBurnie

(Room Wadawurrung 1)

Teaching Differently

Chair: Sophie Goldingay

(Room Wadawurrung 2)

Teaching Differently

Chair: Samarth Vaidya

(Room Gunditjmara 1)

Digital Innovations

Chair: Meghan Kelly

(Room Gunditjmara 2)

Assessing Differently

Chair: Dilal Saundage

(Room Level 13 Creative Space)


Ruth Tatnell

Building relationships online: Online and on campus research supervisor perspectives

Judy Currey

Time for a BOLD LEAP

Sonja-Lina Sasse

Cultural and linguistic considerations in the internationalised classroom.

Sevi Vassos, Peter Lane and Brett Wilson

Digitally-enabled practice simulations to prepare social work students for practice: Reflections from behind the scenes

Simon James

Anonymous peer feedback for mathematics portfolios


Matthew Ling

Data-driven Pedagogy


Micaela Spiers, Amanda McPherson

Taking the LEAP into Active and Collaborative Learning


Amir Pichhadze

Teaching taxation in LL.B. and J.D. courses: the need for an internationalized and comparative approach

Matthew McKenzie

Assessment of the Web-based Audience Response System (ARS) Socrative for Biomedical Science Revision Classes

Joanna Tai

Improving assessment for diverse learners: what can we learn from assessment adjustments?


Lisa Milne, Jennifer McCann

Time poor, but committed: a strategic approach to unit and course development

Jean-Guy Schneider

Adapting Industry Agile Practices in an Educational Capstone Context


Susan Ang

A key to teaching social consciousness in architecture students – The Intercultural Dialogue through Design (iDiDe) program

Joanne Smissen

Implementing a new version of the CloudDeakin Homepage – SEBE’s story

Kelli Nicola-Richmond

Feedback Literacy in final year occupational therapy students


Margaret Bearman

How students in online and blended learning environments collaborate.

Tim Hilditch

Reflections on Project-Oriented Design-Based Learning in Engineering

Chris Shaw, Megan Teychenne

Outcomes from an international study tour in exercise and sport science

Harsh Suri, Friederika Kaider

Virtual WIL: Technology enabled WIL placements and projects (Preliminary findings)

Laura Tubino

Authentic Individual Assessment for Team-based Software Engineering Projects

12.35-1.15 LUNCH
1.15 Session 2

Designing Differently

Chair: Jason Taliadoros

(Room Wadawurrung 1)

Designing Differently

Chair: Chad Whelan

(Room Wadawurrung 2)

Designing Differently

Chair: Julien Ugon

(Room Gunditjmara 1)

Student Support

Chair: Alex Gentle

(Room Gunditjmara 2)

Working Collaboratively

Chair: Allison Ringer

(Room Level 13 Creative Space)

1.15 -1.35

Zubair Baig

Cyber Security Teaching in the Tertiary Sector: Theory vs. Practice

Jenny Pesina

Learning Design from a Systems Thinking Perspective.

Sharon Pittaway

Engagement and participation: Implications for unit design


Daniel Steen

Cloudy: Empowering online students to self-regulate their resilience=


Terrie Fraser, Ross Coulter

Project Visibility / Revealing Systems at Work / Institutions and Ideology



Jaclyn Broadbent, Rene Bennet

Redesigning 4th year with easy to navigate self-guiding online content


Susie Macfarlane, Jackson Fyfe

Application of human-centred design thinking approaches to unit design

Julien Ugon

Enhancing undergraduate mathematics learning using ‘metacognition’ and self-regulated learning


Dilini Eriyawala, John Bahtsevanoglou

Active Learning in the Deakin College Context


Jan West, Julia Savage

 The challenge of rewiring thinking from laboratory/field-based research to education-based research: SEBE SoTL is building capacity



Elizabeth Westrupp

Bringing counselling and case management to life in fourth year Psychology via an industry partnership


Darci Taylor, Jo Elliott

Answering the question on everyone’s lips: What is CloudFirst?

Kaja Antlej

Product Development: A task-based PODBL unit with a progressive assessment structure


Van-Hau Trieu, Craig Parker

In-Class Group Assessment Tasks: Motivating International Students and Overcoming Loneliness


Jason A. Ng

DTeach: A Social Capital Approach to Teaching & Learning Support Sites



Jacqueline Cotton

‘Somewhere Beyond the Cloud’: Enablers and barriers to workforce development  in Agricultural Health and Medicine

Jaclyn Broadbent

The application of design thinking to convert an on-campus course for online students

Simone Tyrell, Leanne Ngo

Designing Digital and Professional Literacy in Business Education

Vittoria Grossi

A new Deakin initiative: A ‘toolkit’ to support key academic literacies development in transitioning HE students

Jodie Satour, Maja Gelov & local Aboriginal community member

Incorporating Aboriginal pedagogies into learning and teaching at Deakin



Craig Parker, Dr Harsh Suri

Improving employment outcomes for large cohorts of postgraduate international students


Bec Muir, Lisa Grbin

Fake news and retracted studies: using study designs to improve critical appraisal


Lincoln Then James, Robyn Barallon

Towards a strategic approach to supporting academics’ design of 1st year units


Laura Brooks, Lenore Ley

Enhancing undergraduate international nursing students’ preparation for the Australian clinical setting

Anna Klas

Working Collaboratively to Design and Implement Interactive Lectures

2.55 Bell – move to Session 3


3.00 pm

Session 3 – Panels


Assessing Differently

Chair: Lauren McTier

(Room Wadawurrung 1)


Assessing Differently

Chair: Bre-Anne Sainsbury

(Room Wadawurrung 2)

Digital Innovations

Chair: Nick Milne

(Room Gunditjmara 1)


Student Engagement

Chair: Stuart Warmington

(Room Gunditjmara 2)

Working Collaboratively

Chair: Jaclyn Broadbent

(Room Level 13 Creative Space)


Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Ross Monaghan

From Page to Screen: The opportunities and challenges of moving from written to online exams at Deakin

Tiffany Gunning, Xavier Conlan, Paul Collins, Alecia Bellgrove and Kaja Antlej

Feedback loops develop teamwork skills


Adam Brown, Emily Wade, Danielle Teychenne


Open World Learning: Gamifying Student Motivation and Engagement


Janine McBurnie, Dionne Holland, Petra Brown and Peter Vuong

First Year engagement – how are we doing?



Bardo Fraunholz, Michael Cohen, Alister Air, Jesse Mcmeikan, Daniel Steen, Rahul Masakorala


Engaging collaboration for Campus and Cloud with Microsoft Teams

  Bell- move to Session 4
  Session 4 – Elevator Pitch

Chair: Phil Dawson

(Room Wadawurrung 1 & 2)

4.15- 4.18

Student Support

Anna O’Connell  – Engagement and Support with an online polling tool


Teaching Differently

Monique Vermeulen  – Compare the use of Padlet in Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies


Teaching Differently

Shannon Sahlqvist  – Integrating Graduate Employability into Undergraduate Teaching


Working Collaboratively

Amy Sellers – “I didn’t know librarians did that” – My part in the successful collaborative rewriting & delivery of Cloud First Units


Working Collaboratively

Nicki Hartney – Facilitating Clinical Placement Differently

  Bell – move to final Session (Room Wadawurrung 1&2)
4.40-4.55 Official Close Professor Liz Johnson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education, Office of DVC (Education) Deakin University
5.00 Networking at Deakin Downtown (Level 12)

Submit your Conference Proposal

Proposals should be no more than 200 words, with sufficient information for reviewers to judge the nature, significance and outcomes of the learning and teaching activity you discuss.

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