Diploma of Communication

This diploma offers a wide range of unit choices leading to the second year of the relevant Deakin University degree. Areas of study include advertising, communications, journalism, digital media and public relations.

Bachelor Pathway

Select  which Deakin University Degree Course you wish to transfer into once you have completed your studies at Deakin College. Deakin University offers direct transfer into 2nd year degree into the following courses from the Diploma of Communication


  • Bachelor of Arts (majors in Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising) A300
  • Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) A325
  • Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) A331
  • Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media) A333
  • Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) A334


Employment and career options upon completing your Bachelor degree:

  • Advertising agency roles
  • Account management
  • Media planning
  • Journalist
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction
  • Media policy and management
  • Politics
  • Research
  • Media business-oriented consulting
  • ‘In house’ brand communications

Core Units

Core Streams

Plus three streams (6 units in total) from the following Core Stream list:

Advertising stream
ALA101 Advertising Principles and Practices
ALA102 Creative Brand Communication

Public Relations stream
ALR103 Introduction to Public Relations
ALR104 Strategic Communication and Writing

Journalism stream
ALJ111 News Reporting 1
ALJ112 News Reporting 2

Digital Media stream
ALM101 Making Social Media
ALM102 Making Video