There are moments in life when the ticking of time went by slower. No matter how hard you stared at the clock, it doesn’t beat to the thump of your heartbeats. 

But if not for this moment, you would have missed the simple joys.
On Monday, going to a coffee shop to relish the scent of freshly brewed coffee beans.
On Tuesday, going for a very long and relaxing walk by the nature.
On Wednesday, a day trip to enjoy the windy breeze of the sandy beach.
On Thursday, spend the entire day doing favourite things that’s neglected.
On Friday, cry and laugh over dramas on the couch with popcorns.

Cause if not for this moment, you would have missed the simple days.
On Monday, a heart to heart talks with mom.
On Tuesday, soccer ball game matches with dad.
On Wednesday, a tea party play with younger sisters.
On Thursday, an exhilarate conversation with best friend
On Friday, a honest conversation session with yourself.

If not for this moment, you wouldn’t have been able to get the opportunity to embrace the slower times. Just like how life doesn’t always give you a second chance for everything, grasp on what you can appreciate. What you have and don’t have right now, hold on. Take a good ride on what life has to offer.

Article written by: Calleen Shirley