Keeping Your Devices and Apps Up-to-Date

Protect yourself by making software updates a top priority.

  • Take the time to install software updates as soon as they become available – Deakin deploys updates for your work supplied PC and Mac, all you’ll need to do is restart when prompted.
  • Deakin does not update your supplied smartphone or any of your personal devices, you are responsible for this – you need to keep your devices up-to-date. (Find out more on how to do this, below.)
  • You can set your system to update automatically – then you don’t have to think about it.
  • Common software to keep updated includes:
    – Operating systems (for example, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android)
    – Antivirus and security software
    – Browsers (for example Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari)
    – Web plugins (such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Skype, Apple QuickTime, iTunes, Java, ActiveX etc)
    – Other types of applications (for example, Office 365)
  • When you purchase a new device, check for updates straight away as part of the initial set up and ensure you enable automatic updates.

Here are some handy links to help you update your devices and keep them updated:

  1. How to update your iPhone or iPad
  2. How to update the apps on your iPhone or iPad
  3. How to update your Android device
  4. How to update your Android apps
  5. How to keep your Windows computer up-to-date
  6. How to keep you Mac up-to-date
  7. How to enable automatic app updates – Android devices
  8. How to turn on automatic updates – Apple devices


As always, if you have any questions, or if you need IT support, contact our friendly IT Service Desk team.

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