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January 25, 2014

Research reveals stakeholder views on venue lockouts in Newcastle and Geelong

The timely publication of research by Deakin’s Peter Miller, Darren Palmer (Criminology convenor), Emma McFarlane (Deakin criminology honours graduate) and Ashlee Curis examines the operation of venue lockouts in two Australian regional cities – Newcastle and Geelong.

Drawing on interviews conducted with industry, policing agencies and other key stakeholders, the research reveals that the majority of stakeholders interviewed believed lockouts were ineffective. The thematic analysis also highlights six areas of consideration: the reasons for implementing lockouts; the impact on police resources; the benefits in changing patron behaviour; the limits to lockouts; the need for jurisdictional and/or market consistency; and the unintended consequences arising from the use of lockouts.

The article concludes by suggesting that crime prevention and community safety policy development needs to consider the potential harms that might arise from well intentioned but hasty desires to ‘do something now’. This recommendation comes at a time when additional Australian jurisdictions, including New South Wales, have proposed the introduction of lockouts as a solution to increasing community and Government concern surrounding alcohol-fueled violence.

Click here to read the abstract and full article

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