New research from Deakin Criminology’s Dr Clare Farmer

Clare’s most current research has been conducted with Professor Mirko Bagaric (Swinburne University) and examines the level of consistency across four years of sentencing data (in relation to the most common acquisitive crime, crime against the person, and regulatory offence) from four different Victorian Magistrates’ Courts. The findings are set within a discussion of the instinctive synthesis approach to sentencing, and the potential effect on the expectation of parity and consistency of sentence. A third paper is currently in press.

  • Farmer, C., Bagaric, M. & Parsons, I. (2018). An Empirical Analysis of Sentencing Outcomes for Assault Offences in Victoria, and the Implications for the Sentencing Methodology, Criminal Law Review, 3, 202-215.
  •  Farmer, C., Bagaric, M. & Parsons, I. (2017). Inconsistencies in sentencing of theft offenders in Victoria: implications for the ‘Instinctive Synthesis’, Australian Bar Review, 44(3), 318-337

Clare has also undertaken research with Professor Peter Miller who specialises in violence prevention and addiction studies in the School of Psychology at Deakin University. This project extends the focus of Clare’s doctoral research, to examine the expanding use of police-imposed discretionary punishment across Australia. Another paper is also currently in press, and forms the first part of an examination of the effect and effectiveness of such provisions. 

  • Farmer, C., Curtis, A. & Miller, P. (2017). The steady proliferation of Australia’s discretionary police-imposed patron banning powers: an unsubstantiated cycle of assertion and presumption, Criminology & Criminal Justice [published online 27/9/17]

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