Dr Emma Russell

Emma Russell
Dr Emma Russell

Dr Emma Russell recently completed her PhD in Criminology exploring the shifting interrelationship between Victoria Police and LGBT/queer citizens. Broadly she researches in the areas of sexuality, gender and criminal justice; imprisonment and penal reform; and protest movements. She has published in Theoretical Criminology, Australian Feminist Law Journal and Crime, Media, Culture among others. She is currently working on a book with Dr. Bree Carlton about penal change in the women’s prison system in Victoria in the historical context of feminist anti-prison resistance. Since 2011 Emma has volunteered and worked with Flat Out, a state-wide support and advocacy organisation for criminalised women. In 2014-2015 she was a Co-Coordinator of the Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People run out of Flat Out.

Her full profile is available here.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Russell, E. K. (2016) ‘Queer penalities: The criminal justice paradigm in lesbian and gay anti-violence politics’, Critical Criminology, Available here.

Russell, E. K. (2016) ‘A ‘fair cop’: Queer histories, affect and police image work in Pride March’, Crime, Media, Culture, Available here.

Russell, E. (2015) ‘Revisiting the Tasty raid: Lesbian and gay respectability and police legitimacy’, Australian Feminist Law Journal, Vol. 41, No. 1, 121-140. Available here.

Carlton, B. and Russell, E. (2015), ‘‘A gender for change’: Cycles of women’s penal reform and reconfigurations of anti-prison resistance in Victoria, Australia’, Champ Pénal/Penal Field, Vol. XII, Available here.

Russell, E. and Carlton, B. (2013) ‘Pathways, race and gender responsive reform: Through an abolitionist lens’, Theoretical Criminology, Vol. 17, No. 4, 474-492. Available here.

Book Chapters

Kilroy, D., Barton, P., Quixley, S., George, A. and Russell, E. (2013) ‘Decentering the prison: Abolitionist approaches to working with criminalised women’, in B. Carlton and M. Segrave (eds.), Women Exiting Prison: Critical Essays on Gender, Post-Release Support and Survival, Oxon: Routledge, 156-180.


Russell, E., George, A. and Clarke, B. (2015) Flat Out/CHRIP Submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, Melbourne, Flat Out Inc. and CHRIP. Available here.

Roach, V., Nash, A. and Russell, E. (2014) Flat Out Inc. and Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People: Submission to the Victorian Ombudsman Investigation into the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Prisoners in Victoria, Melbourne, Flat Out Inc. and CHRIP. Available here.