CRADLE Seminar Series 2023

Upcoming Seminars

Seminar #712 July 2023 at 2pmAuthentic assessment in undergraduate science: A critical realist perspectiveAssociate Professor Mags Blackie and Dr Robyn Yucel
Seminar #814 August 2023 at 10amMasterclass in Inclusive AssessmentTBC
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Completed Seminars

Catch up below on our 2023 Seminar Series so far.

Seminar #114 February 2023Data ParadoxesProfessor Klaus Hoeyer
Seminar #220 February 2023European Higher Education StudentsProfessor Rachel Brooks
Seminar #315 March 2023CRADLE Book Launch – Assessment for InclusionProfessor Liz Johnson and Professor Sally Kift
Seminar #45 April 2023Assessment and student identity formationDr Juuso Nieminen
Seminar #510 May 2023Investigating productive feedback practicesDr Bianka Malecka and Dr Lasse X Jensen
Seminar #631 May 2023An ecological interpretation of Hong Kong undergraduates’ perceptions of feedback literacyDr Ying Zhan

Seminar #1: Data Paradoxes in Contemporary Healthcare

Professor Klaus Hoeyer

Seminar #3: CRADLE Book Launch – Assessment for Inclusion

Prof Liz Johnson & Prof Sally Kift

Seminar #5: Investigating productive feedback practices to facilitate engagement and learning

Dr Bianka Malecka & Dr Lasse X Jensen

Seminar #2: European Higher Education Students

Professor Rachel Brooks

Seminar #4: Assessment and student identity formation: becoming a (dis)abled student

Dr Juuso Nieminen

Seminar #6: An ecological interpretation of perceptions of feedback literacy

Dr Ying Zhan

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