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Read our latest publication: the feedback literacy behaviour scale

Feedback can be one of the most powerful pedagogies we have in education, but its effects are dependent on what students do. In 2019, we set out to develop an instrument to study exactly that: the Feedback Literacy Behaviour Scale (FLBS). Well, it's finally published and you can read it here.

See how COVID-19 impacted learning and teaching

While the pandemic times of 2020 seems like an eon ago, research that the CRADLE team did on the emergency remote teaching response to the pandemic has only recently been finalised. See a summary of what we and our international partners found.

CRADLE Seminar Series: Re-Imagining Exams: how do assessment adjustments impact on inclusion? – 15 March 2022 – Join Us!

Please join us for our second seminar of 2022 by Dr Joanna Tai on exams, assessment adjustments and inclusion.

Sleepless nights and venomous snakes: Behind the scenes of a new contract cheating paper

A few weeks back my first solo-authored paper was published, ‘Assignment outsourcing: moving beyond contract...

CRADLE’s first book: Developing Evaluative Judgement in Higher Education

It’s been several years in the making, but we have finally published the first CRADLE-associated...

CRADLE goes to Myanmar

Margaret Bearman, our Acting Associate Director, developing feedback skills through simulation with surgeons from Myanmar’s...

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