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Read a review of our Masterclass in Inclusive Assessment

In this post, Dr Shane McIver, CRADLE Fellowship Holder and Inclusive Education Lecturer reviews our Masterclass in Inclusive Assessment. This CRADLE and DLF collaborative event was presented by Juanita Custance, Associate Professor Alexander Mussap, and Dr Mollie Dollinger. It was co-hosted by Dr Joanna Tai and Dr Shane McIver. The Masterclass explored assessment design ideas and inspiration to integrate inclusive education into students’ learning experience.

CRADLE Collaborative Event: Conceptions and Theory in Assessment Research

CRADLE recently hosted a collaborative event for Deakin staff, aimed at providing an overview of...

CRADLE Research Collaborative Event: Opportunities and Networking with CRADLE

On 28 September, 2016, CRADLE hosted its first Research Collaborative Event, ‘Opportunities and Networking with...

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