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Recently the team at CRADLE have been working hard on the latest best practice for assessment. We’re pleased to provide two new guides in our CRADLE Suggests… series, where we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Our latest guides look at Assessment for inclusion and Assessment and genAI.

What is CRADLE Suggests…?

CRADLE Suggests… is a series of briefings from CRADLE that translates our own research into practice-based possibilities.

Assessment for Inclusion

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University credentials are designed to demonstrate learner achievement. Yet while assessment results should be based on ability rather than personal circumstances, there is increasing awareness that this is frequently not the case.

Assessment for inclusion seeks to ensure that no student is advantaged or disadvantaged in assessment other than through their ability to meet appropriate necessary standards.

So, how do I design for inclusive assessment?

Well, based on our research and our latest book, our new guide contains some of the best recommendations on how to redesign your assessments to be inclusive. We suggest starting by recognising that student diversity can interact negatively with assessment.

Assessment and genAI

The introduction of readily available AI resources provides a catalyst for better assessment practices. Enacting the principles of good assessment becomes even more pressing as we prepare our students to work and live with artificial intelligence.

How do I prepare for AI?

Many of our publications outline aspects of assessment relevant to the introduction of genAI. We identify two sets of recommendations that enhance student development as well as promoting academic integrity. We make suggestions for: 1) how the principles of assessment design can be enacted in a time of genAI; and 2) how assessment practices can immediately take account of genAI, including ChatGPT.

Further Information

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Visit our Resources page to find our other books, guides, publications and more from the CRADLE Suggests… series.

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