ChatGPT – what do we need to know now?

Wednesday 15 February at 2pm

TEQSA and CRADLE present this first webinar in the “Implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Higher Education” series.

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When: Wednesday 15 February 2023

Time: 2.00 – 4.00pm (AEDT)

Where: Online

Cost: This is a free event

This series of webinars address what is known at present about generative artificial intelligence (AI), implications for learning, teaching and assessment and how such technologies might transform higher education into the future.

Generative AI in the form of ChatGPT generates comprehensive, complex and generally intelligible textual responses to user prompts.

The media has reported ChatGPT performing well enough to pass the US Medical Licensing exams and this has raised both concerns and enthusiasm from Australian higher education institutions.

For example, there are commentaries proposing a return to pen, paper and examination halls, but also reports about South Australian universities and some private higher education institutions endorsing appropriate use of ChatGPT on assessments. As is often the case with rapidly advancing technologies, it can be difficult to separate out the hype from the reality, however it is important for higher education institutions to grasp the fundamental issues at hand, which extend beyond academic integrity.

This first webinar explores the ethical, policy and management issues immediately raised by the presence of generative AI, along with a perspective from an educator who is currently redesigning their course in response to ChatGPT.

Join our panellists for a thought-provoking discussion

CRADLE Associate Research Fellow

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