CRADLE’s New Leadership Structure

CRADLE now has Co-Directors

We are pleased to announce that CRADLE is moving to a new leadership structure in 2023. Our current Director, Alfred Deakin Professor David Boud, and Associate Director, Professor Phillip Dawson, will now be Co-Directors. The new shared leadership model will expand CRADLE’s leadership capacity, allowing both co-directors to shape the centre’s future directions, in collaboration with the CRADLE team, while maintaining their own outstanding international research profiles.

While all important matters will be dealt with jointly, each Co-Director will have a particular operational focus. David on representing CRADLE externally, on strategic leadership, international connections, and research quality. Phill will focus on centre operations, representing CRADLE internally, internal and external communications, and research funding strategy.

About David Boud

David Boud, CRADLE’s Foundation Director, has long experience in research, development and leadership in higher education. Before starting CRADLE, he held professorial and management positions at the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology Sydney. David is one of the most highly cited researchers in the world in higher education and assessment. His current research focus is on feedback and assessment for learning in higher and professional education.

About Phillip Dawson

Phillip Dawson, previously Associate Director of CRADLE, brings 20 years of experience in teaching, learning and assessment in higher education, with a particular focus on feedback and academic integrity. His most recent book is Defending Assessment Security in a Digital World (Routledge), and he is lead Chief Investigator of the 2023 Australian Research Council Discovery Project Feedback literacy for effective learning at university and beyond.

Please join us in congratulating Dave and Phill on their new roles as co-directors of CRADLE!

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