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Please join us for our third seminar of 2022 by CRADLE’s Professor Phillip Dawson and Dr Joanna Tai along with Development Partners Dr Kelli Nicola-Richmond and Dr Christine Contessotto. The team will discuss outcomes of a project investigating ways of improving student feedback literacy. This project is part of CRADLE’s Development Partners scheme.

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When: Tuesday 5 April 2022
Time: 1.00pm-2.30pm (AEDT)
Where: Online
Cost: This is a free event

What is the seminar about?

Feedback can be one of the most challenging parts of not just education, but of life in general. Seeking, providing, receiving, understanding, and coping with comments about work is not always easy for students, or anyone! Feedback can also be a significant challenge for staff, who often report that students do not even read assignment feedback comments, let alone action them. To try to address the problems of feedback the literature has recently shifted to focusing on feedback literacy – the set of capabilities students need to make the most of feedback.

This seminar reports on the CRADLE Development Partners scheme, which was launched in 2019 to support implementation and innovation around key CRADLE concepts at Deakin University. The 2019 round of CRADLE Development Partners focused on improving student feedback literacy in units from all four Deakin faculties.

Prior to the Development Partners scheme CRADLE had published and supported pioneering conceptual and observational work into feedback literacy, but this project represented our first large-scale intervention work to improve student feedback literacy. The success of this initial pilot has led to sustained feedback literacy innovations, published research, and subsequent offerings of the CRADLE Development Partners scheme as part of CRADLE’s annual collaboration funding.

Who is this seminar for?

  • Educators interested in ways to support their students to develop feedback literacy.
  • Researchers and academic developers interested in new models of scholarly teaching practice and collaboration.
  • Deakin academic staff considering participating in the CRADLE Development Partners scheme.

Published research resulting from the 2019 Development Partners scheme in feedback literacy are shown below:

Tai, J., Contessotto, C., McBurnie, J., Nicola-Richmond, K., & Brown, P. (2021). The reciprocal nature of assessment-as-learning and feedback literacy. In Y. Zi & Y. Lan (Eds.), Assessment as Learning: Maximising Opportunities for Student Learning and Achievement (1st ed., pp. 257-269). Routledge.

Nicola-Richmond, K., Tai, J., & Dawson, P. (2021). Students’ feedback literacy in workplace integrated learning: How prepared are they? Innovations in Education and Teaching International. Advance Online Publication.

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Read more about CRADLE’s 2021 Development Partners scheme here or look at the scheme FAQs.

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