Are you coming to CRADLE Conference 2020? Program and registrations are now available!

This October, CRADLE is holding an online conference, University Assessment, Learning and Teaching: New Research Directions for a Postdigital World.

Near the end of last year, we decided to hold a conference focusing on higher education research, to showcase leading research. While there are many wonderful higher education conferences in Australia, these often provide the most opportunity for practitioners, so we felt there was room for a conference curated primarily for rigour and originality and oriented to the significant research conversations of the day. We also (unfortunately somewhat presciently) wanted a conference that embraced the technology-mediated era that permeates Australian universities.

We’ve had a great time putting together the program: the papers we’ve received are top notch. There are topics such as: authentic teaching personas; how rubrics promote evaluative judgement; professional identity development; and feedback literacy. We’re also so delighted that we have two internationally acclaimed experts presenting keynotes: Professor Monika Nerland from the University of Oslo, who is speaking on the relationship between work and higher education in the postdigital age, and Associate Professor Alyssa Wise from NYU, who is speaking on the impact of data-intensification on learning and teaching. While we are very disappointed that Monika and Alyssa will not be joining us in person, we are grateful for the technology that allows us to span the globe so easily – and for their forbearance with respect to timezone differences.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make an online conference work. We did want the intensity of online but, as we all know continual Zooming can be rather soul-destroying, we’ve tried to schedule presentations in a way that will allow for this – lots of breaks, less talking time, more time for discussion, and dedicated facilitators to manage discussion.

So, what was going to be our first conference has turned into our first online conference, and that seems to be entirely appropriate given our topic! We hope you’ll join us in engaging with our higher education research community. And here’s also hoping that Melbourne will be out of lockdown by then!

For more information about CRADLE Conference 2020’s program, or to register, visit the conference website.

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