Digital media literacy in higher education – Seminar: 16 July 2019

Digital media are an integral feature of the contemporary university but, although nearly every aspect of higher education is entwined with digital media, their use is neither entirely beneficial nor unproblematic. Join REDI’s Dr Luci Pangrazio (Deakin University) as she examines how the issues surrounding digital literacy require particular consideration within higher education’s distinct digital media context.

When?2.00 pm to 3.00 pm, Tuesday 16 July 2019
Where?Deakin Downtown – Level 12, Tower 2, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne (Collins Square).
Online and on-campus options are also available
Catering?Afternoon tea will be provided
Cost?This is a free event
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Digital media are an integral feature of present day universities. Not only is digital media used by students to learn and socialise, university authorities use digital systems and applications on students to handle everything from initial admissions inquiries and applications to graduation and alumni records. It is now common for a student’s entire contact with the university to be administered through one ‘profile’ on such a system. While almost every aspect of higher education is entwined with digital media, its use is not entirely beneficial and/or unproblematic.

This presentation will outline higher education as a distinct context in which digital media are used, making the argument that the associated media literacy issues merit specific consideration. The presentation will begin by considering university students as a unique social group, critically evaluating the assumptions that are made about them as fully willing and able to use digital media during their studies. It then considers the digital media that are present in higher education and the media literacy issues that surround them. The presentation will conclude with a series of recommendations to improve the critical digital literacies of university students.

Registrations for our Deakin Downtown location are currently full, but this doesn’t mean missing out! You can add your name to the waitlist and we’ll let you know if a place becomes available. There are also a number of places across Deakin campuses, and you can register to view the seminar online too. Visit the event page for the full range of registration options.

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