Information for small and medium business owners

Deakin University, along with our partner organisations, will be providing business advisors with training to improve their understanding of mental health and financial wellbeing, and support them in the identification, management and prevention of mental health conditions within the context of a business advisor–small business client relationship.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this program, we are recruiting SME business owners to take part in a series of three surveys which will be conducted over an 18-month period. 

As part of this project, business owners will complete three short online surveys. Prior to their business advisor participating in the training program, SME owners will complete a survey, which will cover topics such as your mental and financial wellbeing, the quality of your relationship with your business advisor, and your work-related experiences. You will also complete this survey 10 and 18 months after the initial survey. It is expected that these surveys will each take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

As a token of the research team’s appreciation, the first 900 SME business owners who agree to participate in this research will be emailed a $25 digital Coles-Myer or Woolworths voucher after the completion of each survey.

To be eligible to participate, business owners must:

  • have a business advisor who participates in the Counting on U training
  • be a SME owner-manager with between 1–199 employees, including yourself
  • receive advice/guidance from your business advisor at least three times per year.

More information on how participating in this important research will benefit you and your business.

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