A/Prof. Euan Ritchie

Associate Prof. Euan Ritchie

Senior Lecturer. Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env.

Euan Ritchie is a field ecologist and senior lecturer at Deakin University. His research enables him to study the interrelationships between different organisms.

His interests lie in understanding how mass extinction of a number of organisms can be prevented or reversed. Euan’s research focuses on predators such as wolves and the way they effect other organisms in their environment.

Working with nature rather than against it is important to help find solutions to environmental problems, such as rewilding which returns dingoes to their original environments and can control kangaroos or foxes. Using camera traps, GPS collars or scats to capture information about organisms’ behaviour have enabled Euan and his team to investigate how animals use the landscape. Understanding that scientists have a range of roles, expertise and skills, use a whole range of tools for their work and are very diverse in how and where they work is important in understanding what scientists do.

Watch Euan’s interview here.