Autumn Royal


Autumn Royal

BA (Hons.) Literary Studies

PhD thesis title

Dorothy Porter and the Elegiac Self: A Creative Thesis with Exegesis

Thesis summary

Autumn Royal’s research examines the elegiac conventions present within the work of Australian poet Dorothy Porter. Drawing upon various theoretical perspectives including psychoanalytic, queer, and feminist theories, Autumn’s research offers a revised reading of Porter’s poetics to reveal how her oeuvre demonstrates literary qualities that are unmistakably elegiac. The practice-led component of Autumn’s research is a collection of anti-elegies interrogating the representational qualities of language in relation to how varying forms of value are placed on normative expectations relating to loss and mourning.


Proposed completion date: February 2020



  • Professor David McCooey
  • Associate Professor Ann Vickery
  • Associate Professor Cassandra Atherton



  • Australasian Association of Writing Programs Postgraduate Prize 2012 for the paper ‘Flash-floods’: genre subversion and the abject erotic in Dorothy Porter’s The monkey’s maskand El Dorado.



Autumn Royal is a poet, editor, and educator. Autumn has been a sessional tutor in creative writing and literary studies since 2015. She is the interviews editor for Cordite Poetry Review, founding editor of Liquid Architecture’s Disclaimer journal, and author of the poetry collections She Woke & Rose (Cordite Books, 2016) and Liquidation (Incendium Radical Library, 2019). Autumn’s third collection of poetry is forthcoming with Giramondo Publishing in 2021.





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