Anna Kent

AnnaKentUpdatedProfileImageAnna Kent

BA (Hons) History/Politics
MA (by research) Development Studies

PhD Working Title

Colonial Legacies, Influence and Engagement – Australian and New Zealand Higher Education Aid to the decolonising Pacific

Start date

January 2015


  • Professor David Lowe
  • Associate Professor Christopher Waters
  • Dr Jonathan Ritchie

Research Interests

  • International education
  • Public diplomacy and soft power
  • International development
  • Scholarships
  • Higher education policy


Convener of the Sponsored Students Special Interest Group – International Education Association of Australia


Follow Anna on Twitter @annakent1


PhD Candidate Anna Kent Presenting at Scholarships for Social Change Workshop – September 2016

Anna Kent: Colloquium and the Real World – August 2016

CHRG Members Attend Second Annual IEAA Sponsor Forum in Canberra – April 2016

PhD Candidate Anna Kent – Rules of Study – January 2016


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