Postcards from Papua New Guinea

A wooden jetty in a port area
Photo by Zbysiu Rodak on Unsplash


Welcome to Postcards from Papua New Guinea, brief articles written by CHRG members that highlight the complexity of this wonderful nation and its people and their pasts.

PhD candidate, Anna Kent, reflects on the development of scholarships after her recent visit to PNG.

PhD candidate, Ipul Powaseu provides a detailed and personal perspective about what it is like for the local communities and people of Manus to have asylum seekers live in there.

PhD candidate, Deb Lee-Talbot, reflected on her experiences as an Australian agnostic in a modern Anglican Cathedral in PNG. 

Honours candidate, Jarrod Hodgson, examines the Woodlark Gold Project, and how local communities have responded to the increases in mining activity in the region.

PhD candidate, Brad Underhill, reflects on Papua New Guinea’s reputation after partaking in the ‘Unity Walk’ in Port Moresby.

Independence Day 16 September 2019– Associate Professor Helen Gardner 


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