Jacqui Baker

Jacqui Baker.
BA (Hons.) History.

PhD thesis summary.

Jacqui’s research seeks to uncover the experiences of the members of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Melbourne. In particular, her research is concerned with the role that Women’s Liberation and feminist theory and ideology played within the semi-private spaces and places of the Women’s Liberation Movement. This research engages with newsletters, minutes and posters located within the Victorian Women’s Liberation and Lesbian Feminist Archive. Jacqui will also be conducting oral history interviews with a focus on the role in which memory contributes to this particular method of data gathering. These interviews will contribute new perspectives, experiences and voices to the history of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Australia that have thus far been underrepresented.

Start date: July 2018. 

Proposed completion date: July 2021.

Dr. Joanna Cruickshank.
Dr. Tiffany Shellam.

In 2016, Jacqui completed her Honours degree at Deakin University. Her thesis was titled ‘The lavender menace comes to Melbourne: Feminism, lesbianism and “safe spaces,” 1970s-1980s.’ In 2017-2018 Jacqui volunteered at the University of Melbourne Archives with their Victorian Women’s Liberation Lesbian Feminist Archive on a project that involved updating their poster catalogue. Jacqui is currently a graveyard and fills presenter on community radio with a particular focus on talks and interview radio.

Published work.

The fight for women’s refuge.

The fight for women’s refuge