Honours in History

What is Honours in History?

Honours in History is a unique and specialised year of study that acts both as an extension and enhancement of your undergraduate studies in history, and as a gateway to the world of postgraduate research. Through a combination of coursework and research thesis, Honours provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the practice of history, and to produce your own original and sustained contribution to historical knowledge. Working closely with a supervisor in your chosen field, you will develop and conduct your own research project, while sharing the experience with an exclusive group of like-minded students in your coursework.

 Why do Honours?

An Honours year provides an intellectual challenge that allows you to take your study of history to another level of complexity and fulfilment. Whether you want to pursue in depth an historical topic that has always interested you, or want to test your capacity for higher levels of research, Honours will enhance your capacity for planning and executing long-term projects, develop your ability to work closely and effectively with professional colleagues, and refine the skills that will give you greater flexibility in the job market. It is the recognised path to Masters and Doctoral studies, and gives you an opportunity to compete directly for postgraduate scholarships at Deakin and beyond.

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