Dr Tiffany Shellam

Dr Tiffany Shellam teaches Australian Indigenous history and sex and gender in Australian history. Her research focuses on the development of relationships between Aboriginal Australians and newcomers in the 19th century, particularly during exploration expeditions, in fledgling settlements and on mission stations.  Tiffany’s research projects seek to unearth Aboriginal agency and strategies for coping with colonisation. Tiffany, Dr Shino Konishi and Dr Maria Nugent’s new edited collection Indigenous Intermediaries: New Perspectives on Exploration Archives was published in 2015.

Tiffany’s current research project, Exploring the Middle Ground: New Histories of Cross Cultural Encounters in Australian Maritime and Land Exploration, proposes the concept of the middle ground to describe and represent the nature of cross-cultural encounters and relations within the history of Australian maritime and land exploration. This project is funded by the Australian Research Council and is led by the Australian National University.

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Book Launch for Dr Tiffany Shellam’s Indigenous Intermediaries: New Perspectives on Exploration Archives – October 2016

Dr Tiffany Shellam presenting at Alfred Deakin Institute’s Monthly Seminar – April 2016

Dr Tiffany Shellam Presenting at “New Encounters” Conference: National Museum of Australia – March 2016

Dr Tiffany Shellam- New Research Project: Historical Nyungar Writings – January 2016

Dr Tiffany Shellam’s New Book Published – Rosendo Salvado and the Australian Aboriginal World – December 2015

Dr Tiffany Shellam Travels to the Pilbara to Meet With a Wong-a-too Elder – October 2015

Dr Tiffany Shellam, Dr Shino Konishi & Dr Maria Nugent’s New Edited Collection Released – Indigenous Intermediaries – October 2015