Dr Kirstie Close-Barry

Dr Kirstie Close-Barry

Dr Kirstie Close-Barry is a lecturer, tutor and research fellow at Deakin University, lecturing on Indigenous Australian histories, a historical methodology unit and sex and gender history. Recently, Kirstie has extended her research into new areas and projects most significantly with work on Papua New Guinean history. Since completing her PhD, Kirstie has been teaching PNG history to students at the Pacific Adventist University, as detailed in her blog.

Kirstie has been awarded two research degrees (MA, awarded 2009, University of Melbourne; PhD, awarded 2014, Deakin University), with the latter examining the racial and cultural divisions in Fiji through a history of the Methodist mission between 1900 and 1964. It highlighted the role of missionaries in sometimes resolving – but more often inflaming – tensions around labour and land, and influencing the development of nationalisms.

In 2014-2015, Kirstie has presented at several international and domestic conferences, including the University of Copenhagen (for which she received a bursary to attend), National Taiwan University and Taitung University, and Australian Catholic University.

Kirstie has tutored undergraduates in a variety of historical study units at Deakin University, Australian Catholic University and the University of Melbourne for several years. In 2014, Kirstie was presented with a Teaching and Learning Award for Excellence in Teaching at Deakin University.

The monograph arising from Kirstie’s PhD dissertation, Divided Mission: Race and Culture in Fijian Methodism, was published by ANU Press in 2015.


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Kirstie Close-Barry – Deakin University Fellow


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