Dr Jonathan Ritchie

Dr Jonathan Ritchie

Dr Jonathan Ritchie is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. In this role he has helped to shape Deakin’s focus on using historical research to better comprehend contemporary social, political, and economic trends in Australia’s nearest neighbour and former colonial territory, Papua New Guinea.

Dr Ritchie’s research has concentrated on how the modern history of PNG is understood by Papua New Guineans themselves. He is particularly interested in finding the Papua New Guinean ‘voice’ in the wider discussion of relations with Australia and the region, colonialism and post-colonialism, the nation and its challengers, leadership and Melanesian cultural values, racism, gender, and the continuing impact of the Second World War. He is currently engaged in a number of research projects employing oral history methodologies, under the broad overall heading ‘War, Independence, and Leadership in Papua New Guinea’. This work will see him spending substantial periods of time undertaking field research in PNG until the end of 2017, as the Contemporary Histories Research Group’s ‘representative’ in that country.

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Dr Jon Ritchie- Port Moresby Postcard #4 – March 2016

Dr Jon Ritchie- Port Moresby Postcard #3– February 2016

Dr Jon Ritchie – Port Moresby Postcard #2 – February 2016

Dr Jon Ritchie: ‘Port Moresby Postcard #1’ – February 2016

CHRG Members Research Projects – Scholarships and Connections – September 2015

Deakin University Fellow Dr Jonathan Ritchie -PNG in World War II – August 2015


Scholarships and Connections- Concluded Research Project

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