Dr Bart Ziino

Dr Bart ZiinoDr Bart Ziino teaches twentieth-century world history, and Australia in the two World Wars. Bart is an historian of Australian experiences of the First World War, and memory and commemoration of war in Australia and abroad. His first book, A Distant Grief: Australians, War Graves and the Great War (2007) brought to light the painful efforts of Australian families to grieve for loved ones whose bodies remained on foreign battlefields after the First World War.

Bart co-edited The Heritage of War (2012) with Martin Gegner, and is editor of the volume Remembering the First World War (2015). In 2014 he delivered the annual Wolskel lecture to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, entitled ‘At Home with the War: The Great War in Victorian Private Life’.

Current research projects include The Culture of War: Private Sentiment in Australia 1914-18, a study of private sentiment in Australia during the First World War, the impact of family history on remembering war, and the commemoration of Australia’s wars on sites abroad. He is a member of the ARC-funded research project Australian Heritage Abroad: Managing Australia’s Extraterritorial War Heritage.

Hear recordings of his 2015 public lecture ‘The Great War in Victorian Private Life’ for Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, and his discussion of ‘War and Peace on the Home Front’ with Professor Melanie Oppenheimer at the National Museum of Australia’s ‘Life on the Homefront’ symposium.

Bart’s presentation ‘Duty and Service in the Great War’, at the NSW History Week symposium ‘Peace and Patriotism’, was broadcast on ABC Radio National in 2014.

He also recently co-convened the War and Emotions symposium at the Melbourne Museum.

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