Conferences & workshops

Second Annual Australian Policy and History Conference,

13-14 June,Deakin Downtown, Melbourne


The second annual Australian Policy and History Conference is designed for both policy practitioners and historians. In a series of practical workshops and historical case studies, the conference will disseminate expert knowledge and equip historians with skills to communicate their expertise to the policy community.


Speakers will include Katharine Murphy, James Button, Misha Ketchell, Dr Peter Shergold and Terry Moran (both former secretaries of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet), Professor Stuart Macintyre, Professor Shurlee Swain, Professor Frank Bongiorno, Professor David Lowe, Professor Matthew Ricketson, Associate Professor Andrea Gaynor, Associate Professor Clare Wright, Dr Nell Musgrove, Dr Ruth Morgan, Dr Carla Pascoe Leahy, Dr Lyndon Megarrity, Dr Carolyn Holbrook, Daniel May, Deborah Nance and Brad Underhill.  


Areas of focus will include refugee policy, environment policy, child welfare, parenting policy, diplomacy and foreign aid. More details and speaker announcements to follow.


Please direct inquires to Carolyn Holbrook.



Tower 2, Level 12 Deakin Downtown

727 Collins St MELBOURNE