Contemporary Histories Research Group Blog

Contemporary histories are histories of the present. They are concerned with pasts that are not yet past. These pasts feature prominently in today’s social and public memories; they are evoked to justify policies; they live on in mentalities and emotional dispositions.

Contributions to this blog explore contemporary histories and history-making.

Contributors to this blog include members of the Contemporary Histories Research Group at Deakin University, as well as other scholars interested in the contemporaneity of the past.

Anybody who is interested in contributing a post, please contact Deb Lee-Talbot at

April 2017

‘On Greer and her Archive’ – Dr Sarah Pinto

‘Woolworths and Coles: An Anzac Tale’ – Dr Carolyn Holbrook

‘A “Precision of Language and Facts”‘ – Professor Klaus Neumann

‘The Australian Federation of the Mind’ – Dr Carolyn Holbrook

‘Pika-don: Re-imagining Hiroshima’ – Dr Alyson Miller & Dr Cassandra Atherton

‘A “Blueprint” for History?’ – Dr Mathew Turner

‘The Other Tanna’ – Associate Professor Helen Gardner

‘Good Deals, Bad Deals: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Australian-US Relations in the Context of Russia and China in World Affairs’ – Professor David Lowe and Dr Filip Slaveski

‘Denmark’s Unfinished Business’ – Professor Klaus Neumann