About us

Welcome to the blog pages of the Contemporary Histories Research Group at Deakin, a dynamic, diverse and distinctive group of historians, literary and creative writers, and others, whose work relates to the strongest echoes of the past in present. In the pages on this site, you can find out about the seminars, publications, events, projects and much more generated by the Contemporary Histories Research Group.

Members of the Contemporary Histories group are concerned with the uses of history in the public sphere and public debate. They research and publish on a range of topics linked to the unfinished business of the modern past, including the (often-interconnected) following:

  • Australia’s indigenous past, including leadership, contact history and the role of Christianity
  • Modern Pacific history, including special focus on Papua New Guinea
  • US History, including African American History
  • Revolution and the Holocaust in Europe
  • Change in modern Asia
  • Biography and other forms of life writing
  • Decolonisation: from colonial to postcolonial, as shown in historical, fictional and performative interpretations
  • The political uses of history
  • Remembering conflict and its aftermath
  • Material culture and transmission

Members of the Contemporary Histories Research Group welcome queries about their research. 

If you are unable to find someone to assist you through the Deakin Staff, Associates or Postgraduates pages, please do not hesitate to contact CHRG administration.