Dr Donna-Lee Frieze – International Association of Genocide Scholars

Dr Donna-Lee Frieze is the Head of the Organising Committee for the upcoming five-day conference in Yerevan, Armenia for the International Association of Genocide Scholars (8-12 July 2015). Donna was invited by the President of Armenia to contribute to a forum in Armenia commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in April 2015. Other ongoing and upcoming activities include the forthcoming publication with Dr Steven Cooke (Deakin University) titled ‘The Interior of our Memories’: A History of Melbourne’s Jewish Holocaust Centre. The book is currently in the final proof stages and is to be released later this year. Donna is currently an academic advisor for a film in production ‘A New Armenia’ directed by Stephanie Avanian. She is beginning a two-year research project with Dr Steven Cooke on Holocaust community museums in Canada, USA and Australia resulting in a book. Donna is also formulating a long-term research project with Dr Steven Cooke and Dr Adam Muller (University of Manitoba) on pedagogy and testimony and the role of education in community Holocaust museums in Canada and Australia.

Donna is an adjunct member of the Contemporary Histories Research Group.

Read more about Donna’s research>>

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