Dr Donna-Lee Frieze – Guest Speaker at Darebin Ethnic Communities Council Genocide Remembrance Event

Dr Donna-Lee Frieze will be Guest Speaker at the Darebin Ethnic Communities Council (DECC) annual event to commemorate all victims of genocide and genocidal acts. The 2017 ceremony will take place on 9 December and include a procession and reflection at the outdoor Darebin Community Monument, gifted by the DECC to Darebin and the people of Australia. This outdoor ceremony will be followed by a public lecture held indoors. 

Dr Frieze is a Genocide studies scholar, specializing in memory and aftermath studies. She is the editor and transcriber of Raphael Lemkin’s autobiography, Totally Unofficial (Yale University Press, 2013) and co-author with Steven Cooke of The Interior of Our Memories’: A History of Melbourne’s Jewish Holocaust Centre, (Hybrid, 2015). Donna is the past First Vice-President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and a current member of the Advisory Board and a Board member for the Institute for the Study of Genocide, New York University.

Professor Klaus Neumann’s New Article in Ethic and Racial Studies Journal

Professor Klaus Neumann and Dr Karina Horsti‘s article, ‘Memorializing Mass Deaths at the Border: Two Cases from Canberra (Australia) and Lampedusa (Italy)’, in Ethic and Racial Studies (2017), is available to read online. 

Professor Neumann has held teaching and research positions at universities in Germany and Australia, and worked as an independent historian in Australia and New Zealand. He has written extensively about public memories in postwar Germany; colonial history and memory in Papua New Guinea; immigration, refugee and asylum seeker policies; civilian internment; volcanoes; and New Zealand forestry, among other topics.

Dr Horsti is is Senior Lecturer and Academy of Finland Fellow at the University of Jyväskylä.

Dr Mathew Turner’s Article on Inside Story – ‘Historians’ Disgrace?’

Dr Mathew Turner‘s article, ‘Historians’ Disgrace’, was published on Inside Story on 14 November.

Dr Turner works in the field of contemporary German history, with a focus on the historiography of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. He is an expert on the role of historians in the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial, which was the topic of his PhD thesis (Deakin University) completed in June 2016.

Roy Hay on Football Extra with Ralph Barba

Roy Hay appeared on Football National Radio‘s Football Extra with Ralph Barba last week. The podcast is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Roy is an Honorary Fellow at Deakin University, where he taught for 25 years, and a partner in Sports and Editorial Services Australia. His first book, The Origins of the Liberal Welfare Reforms, 1906–1914 is still in print 41 years after publication.