About the Online program

The Tri-focal Model of Care – Transforming Residential Aged Care Education (TMC-TRACE) program is a free and open online educational program for current or aspiring health care and aged care workers.

It has been adapted from the workplace-based Tri-focal Model of Care Education Program for Residential Aged Care.

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The TMC-TRACE program is designed to enable participants to use a range of strategies to:

  • Improve the quality of aged care
  • Enhance the physical and mental health of older people
  • Optimise the environment and social interactions for all concerned.


Program structure

The TMC-TRACE online program is different to the workplace program:

  • It is self-directed and self-assessed
  • It has text-based and interactive elements, including web pages, PDF documents, movies, quizzes and online discussion options (further information is provided in the Technical Requirements section).

The online program comprises a brief Course Introduction and professional and clinical based education Modules:

  • The first three are the Professional Support Modules – these should be completed first
  • The next six are the Clinical Modules – these may be completed in any order
  • Modules 10 and 11 address care of the older person an the acute care setting.

Each Module is self-contained and structured in a similar way, with:

  • An introduction, outlining the learning outcomes and content
  • Three or four parts – you should allow four to six hours to complete each part (including the reflection and assessment activities)
  • Opportunities to participate in discussions with other participants about the content and activities in each part
  • A self-assessment quiz at the end of each part
  • A final assessment at the end of the Module – a Tri-focal Model of Care Certificate of Completion will be awarded for a grade of 70% of more (if achieved by the third attempt).

Each Module may be counted as up to 16 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) in nursing.

  • Please refer to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia CPD Registration Standard, to obtain further information on CPD verification requirements. Information on CPD Registration Standards for other health professions can be obtained from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency CPD website.

For more information on the Modules, go to Module overviews.

Course Introduction

0. Course overview

Professional Support Modules

1. Introduction – the context of care

2. Collegiality and teamwork

3. Evidence-based practice through leadership and change management

Clinical Modules

4. Complex and altered behaviours

5. Mental health wellness: Depression

6. Safe medication practice

7. Nutrition, hydration and ageing

8. Continence promotion and incontinence assistance

9. Mobility, movement and ageing

Acute Care Modules

10. Evidence-based practice through leadership and change management

11. Behavioural and psychological symptoms of neurocognitive disorders

Technical requirements

You will need reliable internet access. You will also need speakers or headphones to listen to the videos. Some videos are embedded YouTube videos.

Some elements use Flash technology, which may not be viewable on some mobile devices. Movie scripts and key documents are in portable document format (PDF).

If you do not have Flash or PDF software installed on your computer, you may download this software at no cost from Adobe.

Please note – some workplaces have restrictions on accessing the internet, YouTube, Flash media and downloading software. Please check with your information technology administrator about your workplace access and download permissions.

Request or change your details

If you forget your username (your registration email address) or your password, if you wish to change your log in or other personal details, or if you have any other questions about the education program, please send an email request with your name, preferred email address and telephone number to: cieac-education@deakin.edu.au or go to the Contact us page.

Program registration

Please read this section before registering.

By completing the registration process, you declare that:

  1. You are registering for the Tri-focal Model of Care – Transforming Residential Aged Care Education program for your own professional development
  2. You have noted the Program Structure, including the estimated time required to complete each part of a Module
  3. You have noted the Technical Requirements for accessing and participating in the education program.

You will be asked to provide your name, contact email address, date of birth and gender, home and work locations (town/suburb and postcode) and whether or not you work in residential aged care.

The information you provide will only be used so that Deakin University and the Centre for Innovation and Education in Aged Care can contact you and for program evaluation purposes. All program evaluation will be undertaken with de-identified data – that is, all first name, last name and email address data will be excluded from data analyses. Only aggregated data will be reported, so that no individual can be readily identified.

When you have completed the registration process, you may access and attempt any of the available Modules.

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