The Centre for Innovation and Education in Aged Care (CIEAC) was established within the School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2012. The CIEAC is funded by the JO & JR Wicking Trust to support the provision of evidence-based aged care workforce development programs and activities.

The primary aim of the CIEAC is to provide education, training and support to residential aged care staff, enabling them to deliver evidence-based care that improves the well-being of residents.

All CIEAC programs are underpinned by the Tri-focal Model of Care1, which focusses on three major concepts:

  • Engaging in partnership centred care
  • Ensuring a positive work environment
  • Implementing evidence-based practice.


The Tri-focal Model of Care embraces dignity, autonomy, choice and companionship as essential attributes of well-being. In implementing the Tri-focal Model of Care, residential aged care personnel will be able to:


  • Improve the quality of residential aged care
  • Enhance the physical and mental health of residents
  • Optimise the environment and social interactions for all concerned.

An important feature of the Tri-focal Model of Care is its alignment with both the Australian aged care accreditation standards2 and the Australian aged care funding instrument (ACFI)3.

Our programs include the:

  • Teaching nursing home progam, which aims to generate a ‘whole of organisation’ approach to creating a healthy work environment in residential aged care settings that results in improved recruitment, training, retention and satisfaction for staff, and improved outcomes for residents
  • Workplace education program, which is being disseminated with our clinical service partners in Victoria to implement the Tri-focal Model of Care in residential aged care settings
  • Online education program, which aims to support the implementation of the Tri-focal Model of Care in residential aged care settings wherever individuals or teams are located.


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