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Get support to launch your research career!

The PhD program in the Faculty of Business and Law is designed to prepare students for an increasingly competitive academic job market, as well as high level research jobs in the private and public sectors. As a PhD student in the Deakin Business School or the Deakin Law School, you will be part of a stimulating intellectual environment, where you will be challenged, supported and encouraged to address relevant research issues and challenges in your field that can have a positive societal impact. We place a strong emphasis on academic rigour and provide students with comprehensive discipline specific and methodological training to support you in undertaking you research.

We are dedicated to helping our students to reach their maximum potential and to achieve this we offer an extensive suite of workshops and programs that complement and enhance their research work.

Job market support (academic and non-academic) program

Students receive specialized support via bespoke and evidence-based workshops that help to prepare them for their research career ahead, whether they be interested in the academic or non-academic job market. This includes helping to support them in maximising their job market package.

Consultant Development Program

The PhD consultant development program is designed to help students to apply their research skills to solve “real world” problems. Participating students receive a brief outlining a problem faced by an industry partner and are given several weeks to develop a suggested solution and to pitch it to senior management. Students receive the tools and skills necessary to engage and consult with industry leaders throughout the process. The program is designed to help students to develop the capabilities to assist them in engaging with industry to pursue careers outside of academia.

Additional researcher development programs

The Faculty of Business and Law offers a range of augmented workshops to help students to further sharpen their research skills and capabilities, ranging from offerings on academic writing, publishing strategies, and media training.

Our successful HDR alumni working in other leading universities or in industry both in Australia and abroad also provide advice to our current students and are a vital source of inspiration as to what is possible post-PhD!

There are also opportunities to partake in industry internships as part of our PhD program.

Department/School research seminar series

Each department/school within the Faculty of Business and Law runs an active research seminar series where globally-recognised scholars regularly present their work. This program enables students to stay abreast of the latest research developments in their field, and also gives them opportunities to receive feedback on their own work from top scholars.

International study opportunities

Development Economics at Yale

Students working in development economics can apply to visit Yale University for a period of nine to 12 months, where they will be part of Professor Mobarak’s working group of PhD students. They can also attend seminars and classes at Yale. To apply, PhD students must have excelled in the first year of our program and must be working on a topic in development economics. This opportunity is offered on a competitive basis and participation is subject to visa requirements. Successful applicants will receive additional funding which will offset a portion of the costs associated with traveling to and living in the USA.

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